Sunday, July 5, 2009

Melbourne, from a food-lover's point of view - Part 3

Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar

Max Brenner was another place that I would have loved to re-visit in Melbourne. I heard that this chocolate shop is frequented by "young people" and it is easy to see why. Their chocolate is to die for. But their selections (and prices) may scare off those who are not fond of all things sweet. Being a chocolate addict, it was imperative I try their chocolate products, and I got the chance one night after dinner at Melbourne's Queen Victoria building.

Store counter and menu

Max Brenner also sells other chocolate products

Their fondue was $16.50 and came with dark and milk chocolate to be dipped with strawberries, bananas, marshmallows and banana bread. As you can imagine, it was absolutely delicious! The best combination was the bananas with dark chocolate. I thought it may have been even better if white chocolate was in the mix, since my first fondue experience was with melted white chocolate and diced pears. Aside from this, there is really little to complain about the simple joy of dunking little treats into creamy chocolate.

I also sampled their baked goodies, each costing $13.50, which is relatively expensive considering their small size. The white chocolate dome with mango glaze and raspberry filling tasted a little strange for me. It had the consistency of panna cotta with a seaweed-like aftertaste. The white chocolate flavour was faint, which was disappointing as white chocolate is my favourite type of chocolate.

However, the chocolate souffle, which was recommended by the salesgirl, was divine. I had asked for something that wasn't so sweet, and this definitely delivered. It was nicely heated up and the melted chocolate filling was unexpected but totally pleasant. Having tasted souffles my dad has made, I always thought souffles were light and fluffy like sponge cakes. These souffles were more like mud cakes or fudge brownies, but not as dense and way yummier. Just thinking about its richness and gooey chocolate filling makes my mouth water...

Max Brenner's selection of chocolates

Max Brenner was a very pleasant experience. Some people have said Koko Black is a better chocolatier but I don't see how anything can get better than this. It is no surprise that Max Brenner has opened up stores worldwide. I can now relive this wonderful experience in their branch in Singapore when I visit at the end of the year. Now if only they cross the ditch and sold their chocolate creations here in New Zealand!

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