Sunday, July 5, 2009

Melbourne, from a food-lover's point of view - Part 4

This post concludes my Australian food experience. It was an interesting 5 days spent in the city of Melbourne and I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed posting it. :)


Brunetti was a cafe recommended by a close friend who now studies in Melbourne University. Situated under the Westin hotel on Swanston St and next to St. Paul's Cathedral, the place looked pretty fancy from outside. It had a distinct European charm with red awnings and quaint outdoor seating. The cakes and pastries inside were also European.

Various pastries displayed inside the cafe
Cakes and tarts

I went here on my first day in Melbourne and wasn't feeling too hungry for rich cakes (weird, I know). Instead my brother and I hopped over to Krispy Kremes across the road. It didn't stop me from tasting what my parents had ordered though. One of which was an uber-rich rum bar, which was literally, cake soaked in rum. The liquor was incredibly strong which made the cake soggy. Of course the adults loved it while I chomped on a chocolate glazed doughnut.

Choco Churro Spanish Doughnuts

I was on my way to Degraves St when this place caught my eye. Next to Coles supermarket on Flinders St, I knew I had to return there one day to try out their churros. I never knew churros could be savoury, coated in chocolate, or filled with custard.

On my last day in Melbourne, I shared a dark chocolate coated churro with caramel filling. The doughnut was hard and eaten together with the chocolate and caramel, was pretty sweet. The caramel was addictive though and if I could, I would have sucked it all out of the churro and left the rest.

For some reason the churros in Melbourne taste different from the ones I'm used to in Singapore. First of all, they're not hanging in long sticks and coated in cinnamon. Also, the texture differs greatly. The ones in Singapore were soft with a strong cinnamon sugar flavour. The ones I tried in Melbourne were hard and chewy and rolled in powdered sugar. I'm not familiar with Spanish doughnuts, so are there different kinds of churros? Which ones of these are actually authentic Spanish doughnuts? Perhaps a bit more travelling (and eating) would figure this one out.

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