Monday, November 2, 2009

Study break

What do you do when you feel like baking but should be studying for exams?

Cake mix!!!

In the midst of my study break, I whipped up an Edmond's Lemon Meringue Pie. All that was needed was egg and water to add to the packaged mix. It took quite awhile to make as there were many steps involved, but it was definitely a lot faster than making the pie from scratch. As such, I could satisfy my baking desires AND study at the same time!


The pie was disgusting! It may have looked delicious, but it had an incredibly artificial taste. All three layers were foul: the strong smell of uncooked egg from the meringue was off-putting, the lemon curd filling was bitter and the pie pastry was dry.

In short:

The Edmond's brand may be very well-known in New Zealand but their cake mixes are in a word, yuck. Nothing beats making your own cakes from scratch, but cake mixes are the easy way out and I'll continue to use them when I'm lazy. However, the next time I'm cramming for an exam but have the urge to bake, I shall whip out a box of good ol' Betty Crockers instead!

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