Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quick fix

If you want something sweet, cold and can be eaten in a mouthful, try these Bite-Sized Ice-Cream Sundaes. Despite being the holidays, I'm sometimes too lazy to pull out ingredients from my pantry and instead, want something that's fast and simple, i.e. a quick fix.

Only three ingredients are used to create these treats. I had the most trouble with melting the chocolate to the right consistency. Everytime I proceeded to dunk the treats into the chocolate, it would melt the ice-cream ball and create a drippy mess. This resulted in me running back and forth between the freezer and the kitchen counter to prevent the ice-cream from melting and the chocolate from hardening. I could only dip each treat into the chocolate one at a time and I couldn't cover them fully.

Having said all that, I would make these bite sized sundaes again. I just need to make these quick fixes faster.

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