Saturday, July 4, 2009

Melbourne, from a food-lover's point of view - Part 1

Little Cupcakes

I went to Australia for 5 days with the family. The first thing I wanted to do there was hunt down the best cupcake store in Melbourne. After reading many online forum debates, Little Cupcakes on Degraves St was deemed the best in the CBD. It took awhile but I finally managed to locate the little store.

Street view of Little Cupcakes, Degraves St, Melbourne
In-store decor

One word to describe the place: ADORABLE; from the pink and brown theme to the hand-drawn pictures and to of course, the cupcakes.

When I first visited, there was a long queue and two out of the three shelves of cupcakes were already sold out. I knew I had to get in there early to have the cupcake I want (red velvet).

These cupcakes were all that was left on Monday afternoon. It would've helped if the store had signs telling customers what each cupcake was.

Waking up early in the morning and rushing the family out of the hotel and onto the streets paid off. Fresh cupcakes were being baked and frosted in store. I couldn't resist anymore. I needed some cupcakes! Stat!
My brother and I wolfed down 10 mini cupcakes for $20. From memory they were: red velvet, cream cheese chocolate, mint, cookies and cream, white chocolate raspberry, Belgium button chocolate, carrot, teddybear, coffee and white chocolate.

The cupcakes were as good as they looked. Melt-in-your-mouth frosting and cake that crumbled on the first bite. They even warned you about handling their cupcakes with care as they were extremely fragile. I've never been to a cupcake store before, so this was a surreal experience! Mmm... definitely a highlight of the trip.

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