Saturday, October 23, 2010


I hereby declare myself forbidden from baking cupcakes unless I'm in the presence of an experienced baker. And by presence I mean being in the kitchen right next to me, mixing the ingredients and baking the whole batch of cupcakes while I stand out of the way and merely observe from a distance. Because, lately, it seems, I am in no condition to bake a batch of cupcakes. The last two batches of cupcakes I've baked have been rather inedible. The first batch melted (before this I didn't know cupcakes could melt. It actually looked as if the cupcakes were crying from turning out so horribly) and the second batch is about to face the bottom of my insinkerator.

I like to blame the recipe, of course. I knew a recipe that didn't call for butter, eggs and an electric mixer was too good to be true. The recipe seemed promising, but I was probably being too ambitious. I should've perfected my basic cupcakes first before I attempted anything that called for beating cream into a spreading consistency.

Nonetheless, the simple recipe deceived me and I ended up with a dull tasting cupcake. The redeeming factor was the half Oreo at the cupcake's base. For the first time, the fat content in the cupcakes didn't leak out of the cheap cupcake liners. But that's the only positive point... the frosting was another beast. The colour looked great and it tasted fantastic but the texture was too liquid and far from icing consistency. I tried thickening it up by adding more powdered sugar but this did nothing except make the frosting sickeningly sweet. Dad intervened with the electric mixer to Naomi Campbell it, but the frosting just curdled into some pseudo-butter crap. 

I'll link the recipe to the cupcakes and frosting, but I don't see why anyone would want it. Perhaps someone with more luck and/or skill could have a crack at it and hopefully restore my faith in my baking ability should the cupcakes turn out to be failcakes too.

Half an Oreo (cream side up) at the base of the cupcake

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