Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coffee Chocolate mousse with Creme Chantilly and Other Divine Flavours

David, my flatmate, being the fortunate combination of both posh and English deigned to make us Poires Belle Helene the other day. Us common folk went, what in the Queen's name is that? Well, it's just poached pears, dressed up in a heavy chocolate coat. It was nice, but would have been nicer if the pears were poached well enough. But that was partly my fault, as I was in need of the giant pot in which the said pears were poaching and might have harassed him a little for it.

So, the outcome of that was slightly grainy chocolate sauce on slightly raw pears. However, the even better outcome was this unfancy-sounding mousse which unfortunately outdid the Poires Belle Helene by a mile.

To the leftover chocolate sauce I sourced
Egg yolks two I whisked with force
A dash of cream and a smidgen of coffee
Instant it was and followed with chilli
Melting, molten chocolate lava

Missing egg whites I spun them stiff
Cinnamon, ginger, vanilla in a jiff
Zest of lemon, ice of sugar
Fold them over

In the glass they went
Both ebony and ivory
And folded them quickly
For we like our mousse bubbly

And voila! For the extra bubble factor, in bubbly glasses.

David insisted I slant them against the fridge door as they chilled so that presentation would benefit.
Sigh. Mousse in my shoes.

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