Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For the love of poptarts

I love poptarts but this is just too much:

Pop-Tarts Sushi

Mashed-up wildberry, raspberry, and blueberry Pop-Tarts wrapped in a fruit roll-up.

Wild Berry Buckle Bar

Pop-Tart crumb topping and Pop-Tart jam.

Grape Jam-Wich

Grape Pop-Tarts sandwiching PB and banana.

But I actually wouldn't mind trying these:

Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Blondie

Peanut butter blondie studded with chocolate chips and chocolate Pop-Tarts.

Caramel Green Apple Bars

With brown sugar cinnamon flavoured Pop-Tarts.

Sticky Cinna Munchies

Cinnamon roll dough with little cinnamon Pop-Tart bits and lots of icing on top.

And this just looks wrong:

S'More Stix

Chocolate-covered marshmallows with S'More Pop-Tart bits. 

(All pictures from Serious Eats)


  1. Those first three definitely look disgusting - especially the "poptart sandwich" thing. Although nothing beats the turd on the bottom of the post. I would make that just to take to a potluck or something to see if everybody is too polite to say what they are thinking. You never know - it might taste amazing.

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  3. Merut, that is so true. Is it bad that I want to try a few of those? On my next trip to New York City (whenever that may be), I am definitely visiting Pop Tart World to see if they taste better than they look!



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