Saturday, July 31, 2010

Voulez-vous quelque choses à manger?

Damien hides drugs in a box of macarons and gives it to Jenny. Serena and Blair feed each other macarons while strutting about in Paris. 

Macarons are becoming the most featured food item on Gossip Girl, second only to waffles. Waffles are featured in just about every episode of Gossip Girl that it might as well become a main character. Waffles supposedly symbolize innocence on the show, hence Rufus constantly forces Jenny to eat her waffles. Dan rejecting waffles from Rufus suggests that he has grown up and about to make his own decisions. Serena discovering that Nate could make waffles reflect on the end of their childhood and the realization that they've become more than friends. Nate guessing that Rufus' waffle iron broke down after noticing Serena's hunger uncovers a lie she told him. 

And all of that suggests that I read too much into my favourite teen drama.

More French pastries below. All pictures by CHOW, click on the name to get the recipe.

Croq-Télé (Almond Cookies)





French Chocolate Macarons with Chocolate Ganache

(Gossip Girl image from PurseForum. No copyright infringement intended.)

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